I want to give my brother some fun with his new gun. Itís around RMH, but travel to Edmonton, Edson or similar is a breeze.

My brother bought a 300WM and has always wanted to at least try some distance. As this is in conjunction with a few Personal milestones, I want to give him a little fun and knowledge.

A mile might be a goal, but 3-700 yards would be a good starting point.

Anybody feel like welcoming a newbie into longish range for about a half to 3/4 day? I donít think his shoulder is ready for a 100 round day yet.

We can work out suitable compensation your time, travel, and ammo not shot on load development.

He can pick up some ammo, or I can pay you for some of your stuff in case he runs out.

I believe heís in country until sometime in October at least, but heís been working in warmer climes, so sooner is better.

Thanks in advance,