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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnutt View Post
    Maybe hybrids will be better than EV for now... too bad that they are expensive too
    Yeah, I think you have to commute an awful lot to make either a hybrid or an EV worth it:

    I am considering getting a Subaru Crosstrek, as I want something somewhat capable for soft-roading but I want it to be as fuel efficient as possible as I like to drive and do trips.

    The Crosstrek hybrid uses something like 6l/100k according to fuelly, but costs $44000 to buy and there is less cargo space in an already small car.
    The regular Crosstrek uses around 8l/100k and costs $24000 (base model).

    Depending on the price of gas and the cost of electricity, I'd have to drive the car around a million km just to break even at that price difference.

    Now, I could see it working out for someone who drives a full EV and commutes say 200km a day. I live 5km from my work, so there is no way a hybrid or EV makes any sense at the current price differences, and right now an EV still doesn't make sense for out of town trips so I would need at least one gasser anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyCuda View Post
    They have rolling blackouts now... how are they going to power these vehicles. I might own an EV but I also know there currently is no commercially available means of storing energy that comes close to liquid fuels. Itís not even a competition.
    Yep, they have not thought that far ahead.

    A brother-in-law who was previously in management at Ontario hydro was alarmed when he first heard of electric cars. About 10 years ago he said if everyone moves to that, they would need roughly double the amount of power generation.

    California currently gets a chunk of its power from B.C. hydro electric exported. This can't be easily increased without major confrontations in B.C. for new hydro sites.

    47% of California's power generation is natural gas fired plants.

    Solar and wind add up to about 20% of their sources, but it's never clear in those pie charts if they are talking installed capacity, in which case solar and wind are over-rated in the numbers. At least solar in the desert has half a chance of being efficient compared to Canada. But it's still a massive amount of infrastructure and material to install for very low amounts produced.

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