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    Hitting the Back of the Safe K98.....

    As the cleanup continues, I got into the red headed step children safe. Thought I'd really dig into milsurps at one point of my life and wanted to have a rifle from all the major players, all kind of fizzled with the demands of the job and family, so just ended with 2 K98's. Feel kind of cheap not having a .303 and may well fix that yet........
    This is the more authentic 98, stock and hood is mismatched but that's all my amateur eye caught, the other is quite pretty but a mixmaster of parts.....


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    Intact crow stamps...nice, many were peened over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Camo tung View Post
    Intact crow stamps...nice, many were peened over.
    They gave a pile to the Israelis, who really didn’t appreciate the little birds for some reason.... The Russians cleaned a lot of them off too.
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    Very nice!!! I hear you on the collecting.. ugh. it never ends. Especially with Enfields. My collection is going berserk LOL

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