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Thread: EPISODE 374

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    EPISODE 374

    I take one night off... Shenanigans
    Trevor and Adriel talk about Remington's asset sell-off, knives, hunting, why bear spraying an officer a second time is a bad idea, and living in a van down by the river.
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    There was mention in the episode about a letter template and references to send something to our local municipalities. I know Adriel said he would email the fellow who asked for them, but would it be possible to have them on here as well, just to save Adriel time and repeated efforts sending it to all the other people that request them.

    Just a thought.


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    I went for informal and to the point. I would put the letter in your own words, but keep it short and sweet.


    I'm one of your constituents in [REGION]. The Liberal party reaffirmed today that they want to grant municipalities the ability to ban legal handgun ownership. I'd prefer if Edmonton would not move forward with any plans to ban them.

    Legally owning a handgun in Canada is already very strict and involves a lot of vetting as well as daily automated security checks. Although the stats are difficult to find, for the places that keep stats (link here: most gang handguns used in crime are smuggled from the US. That makes banning legal ownership pretty ineffective in addressing gang crime and police seem to agree (link:

    Local sports shooting enthusiasts put on charity matches to benefit local charities like the Stollery, as well as Edmonton businesses like P&D, Cabela's, Phoenix Gun range and Wild West in the mall.

    I'd hate to see a positive community forced out of Edmonton because of misguided or ineffective legislation.

    Thank you for your time,

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