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    Hello all!!

    As promised I finally made it to the range last Sunday Jan 10, 2021 and as promised here are the results. The good the bad and they ugly!!

    All targets were shot
    • indoors
    • off a bench
    • supported both front and back
    • at 49M
    • with my MRA Carbine (mod 2 - Shown Below).

    Note: The above is my MRA Mod 2 Carbine with 3-Bucc brass catcher attachment point

    Results are presented in order of projectile weight and not the order in which they were shot (Actual shooting order was 147, then 150, the 110) unless noted all targets have 5 shots. Groups were measure edge to edge with a dial caliper with 0.308" then subtracted from the total measurement and then noted on the actual target

    We will start with the Hornady 110 Grain V-max projectile where I used both CFE-Blk and H-110 powders

    We will start with the tabulation:

    Here are the CFE-Blk loads (Actual Target)

    Here are the H-110 Loads (actual target)

    (Please Note: target box #1 I actually hit the clip and had to adjust the optic down 2 MOA and that is why there is only 4 shots in that one)

    Next we will move to the Campro 147 Grain FMJ projectile with CFE-Blk powder

    First the tabulation

    Now the actual 147 gr targets

    And last but not least the Hornady 150 Grain FMJ Projectile

    First the tabulation:

    Now the actual targets

    For the most part my internet research has shown that the Campro 147 is not a particularly accurate projectile, but the are available locally and are cheap!!

    Some groups however are showing promise. Further shooting the MRA Renegade is different to me than shooting an AR and there is still a learning cure and technique points to be improved!!

    However doing this a single time is not conclusive, and the plan is to is to shoot it all over again and see where the results correlate.

    I have further thoughts to share but I am eager to here what my learned peers have to say in making their own conclusions.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to your constructive comments


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    Can I join the club?