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    I use an automotive cylinder boroscope. It works really well. There is a provision to upload pictures and video. It also has an SD card, but I’ve never used the card.

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    Okay, I'm a convert. The Teslong digital borescope does produce results that tell more than the eye and is almost as good as optical. The focus isn't as precise but it's manageable with the mirror screw depth and how the cable is held.

    So this is a used Browning 1911-22 I got awhile ago. The barrel is clean in this video.
    This is the one that could produce significant lead shavings on a cleaning.


    Doesn't do that lately.

    The inside of the barrel doesn't have the shine of any other 22 I own. The scope seems to show pitting starting, but I'm not sure how to grade it on a scale of wear.

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