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    CFC2021 SITREP
    Things are going to start getting a bit more lively around here now that we move into the winter of 2020. Here is a short CFC2021 SITREP.

    1. Expression of Interest / Division Leaders: One month ago CFC published an expression of interest with a view to finding community individuals willing to become a Division Leader.
    Thus far there have been two respondents. If CFC2021 does not have have a full compliment of Division Leaders then it will go one but the match will be scaled back. To avoid this please raise your hand if you are interested in becoming a Division Leader after reading the attached post and contact us at: Division Leaders (aka umpires) receive shooter submissions, watches the shooter’s footage, ensures consistency with the rules, records points in a division score ledger and builds a division awards video no more than five minutes long.

    2. Sponsors: If your company / organization is interested in sponsoring CFC2021 with prizes in exchange for corporate recognition during CFC2021 competition updates, intro and awards videos please contact the Cabin Fever Challenge admins at

    3. Run by volunteers: The Cabin Fever Challenge leadership team is comprised of volunteers who are not paid. Sponsorship of this competition is 100% competitor focused with the sole purpose of recognizing individuals who have demonstrated excellence in musketry.

    4. Rule Updates: Division Leaders and Match Officials may also shoot and compete. This is a change from previous rule versions. Leadership team members deserve to be recognized just the same as any other competitor if they win a Division standing. They can, if they choose, recuse themselves from winning a prize.
    There are no other changes proposed at this time however this may change once the new CFC2021 leadership team has been raised. Additionally if you have rule change proposals please send them by email to no later than October 31st 2020.

    5. New Divisions: Entirely subject to individuals interested in volunteering to be a Division Leader. Some have proposed that CFC should take on a .22 LR Division but without a specific rule set and leader to sponsor it new divisions will not be possible.

    6. COVID-19: CFC2020 was impacted by range closures related to concerns with novel corona virus transmission during a global pandemic. As we move into flu season we realize that this situation may occur again. CFC2021 will GO-ON no matter what transpires however the CFC leadership team asks that all competitors be a part of the solution and follow their local Center for Disease Control exposure control protocols.

    7. Disabilities: You are encouraged to shoot and to enter our little competition. The spirit and intent of this match is to challenge yourself and to have the bravery to share it with others. There is room for everyone. Please contact us at propose how you think you can shoot the course of fire and we promise to get back to you with a solution.

    8. Its about fun but: Deep down inside of us there is a competitor who wants to crush all previous records. There are also a lot of us who will need to get outdoors, breath the cold air and immerse themselves in the zen state of marksmanship. No matter if you're a beginner or a musketry veteran there is a place for you here in this competition.
    We are teaching one another about personal discipline, experience and capability while at the same time teaching others. We all started at the beginning once and so long as we all remember the core principles of good sportsmanship, respect, positive role models and honesty this will continue to be a fun and inspiring competition.

    Maple Leaf Up you freedom lovers...
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