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    OLIGHT PL-2 Valkyrie

    Olight PL-2 Valkyrie

    Had Inforce lights before which were really nice....but pricey.

    Picked up this for $103 from OLIGHTs Amazon Store. Loved it, so I bought another and a mini Valkyrie ($79)

    Just like any light. Simple to use. Solid. Press once - turns on. Press and hold for a second, it turns off when you release the switch. Press both switches - Strobe.
    1200 Lumens. Way brighter than I expected.

    Shed in picture is approx. 50'. Didn't go out and do long's chilly and i don't expect to engage further than that
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    I bought one of their light/laser combos. The light itself and the laser both seemed to be pretty solid. The mount is a seperate movable piece. Tighten the mount to the gun, slide the light/laser all the way back until its contacting the trigger guard and lock in place. Too bad the body of the light wont tighten to the mount. At about 6 yards, the impact point of the laser was wandering around in a 6" circle. I could easily move it around with my hand. I could have fixed it by shimming it but said screw it. I shouldnt have to fix brand new stuff. It got sent back.
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