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    The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction as seen thru a Vortex Viper 80mm spotting scope


    Location: Edmonton, Alberta

    Sunday, Dec 20, 2020 is one day before the closest apparent "approach" between Jupiter and Saturn, as viewed from Earth.

    We had clear skies today, so it was a good opportunity to see our solar system's largest gas giants.

    Pictures taken with a Samsung S9+ through a Vortex Viper 80mm spotting scope.



    Quote Originally Posted by vagrantviking
    Really neat! Thanks!

    Didn't occur to me that you would be able to see the moons so well at the same time.

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    Our spotting scopes are more powerful than the giant telescope Galileo was using when he discovered the Galilean moons. I think his telescope was less than 20x magnification, and had some focus defects.

    I was hoping to get a look, but some reason, we don't see the sky in warsaw for like 5 months at a time...




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