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In many ways it's just a more tedious version of getting a PAL, which mostly tests your ability to pay money... Here's how you do it:

-Join a gun club and be a member for at least 3 or 6 months
-Study the laws, learn how to shoot and take a practical and theory exam
-Participate in a certain number of competition events
-Apply for a "Competition License"
-Have the Psychological and physical exam
-Gather all your documents and submit it to the police and wait
-Buy a suitable gun safe
-Get the license
-Request a "permission" document for the number of guns you want to buy. Each time you buy a gun, you give one of these documents to the seller

After that you're good to go in the wonderland that is the "Texas of Europe"... basically anything you want... machine guns, drum mags, conceal carry, suppressors...

The biggest problem for me was learning all the material (in Polish for the theory exam) and not speaking Polish, but I did get perfect on the theory exam . If you are on top of these things (and your timing is good), you might be able to do it all in 6 months. The biggest obstacle time-wise is taking the theory/practical exam. There is such high demand for getting gun licenses, they get fully booked within minutes of being posted online...
What are the requirements to get a carry license?

Edit: also Texas gun laws are shit. There are way better states for gun laws than Texas. Idaho for example.