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    Prairie Spring Shoot! Non-Restricted Fun

    Of course living in Alberta and wanting to host a shoot means I should plan two shoots, each eight hours from me in opposite directions :P

    This is the Prairie Shoot, which I think probably means it takes place in Saskatchewan. Come out, bring some camping gear and a rifle, and have fun shooting all over that flat-ass countryside.

    This shoot is not fixed in stone. I would love some input from Sask guys as to what we should do and where we should do it.

    Location: Personally I would love somewhere similar to the Cypress Hills (although obviously not in the park) but I recognize that's pretty far south for some people. Is there a river valley or other good public land for a shoot anywhere around Kindersley or Meadow Lake? I'd love to do a little longer range stuff here too. A 300-800 yard range would be awesome to use. (Cue joke about how saskatchewan is a great rifle range, but its hard to find a backstop)

    Rules Not that we need to set a limit for ourselves, but I think this one needs to be smaller. Between six and twelve people would be ideal, but I don't think we're prepared to have a 30-50 person shoot unless we find the perfect venue. Bring your black rifles, bolt guns, shotguns, what-have you. We'll have events plenty.

    Time I'm flexible on this too. Way I see it: we could do some shooting Easter weekend. Unless ya know: people still go home and spend time with their families on Easter weekend. If not then, maybe the second weekend of June? 8th 9th 10th perhaps?

    Why You Should Go There will be cool things in attendance. I can say no more.

    Prizes: There'll be some prizes based on either showing up or shooting straight. Depends on how many people and how many straight shooters there are. As of right now prizes will include:

    - Some soft cloth gear from Tasmanian Tiger. Something between a $20 mag pouch and a $500 backpack. Maybe several somethings

    - Some firearms accessories from Fab-Defense. I'm hoping this will be some Vz58 stuff and maybe some Ar15 stuff too.

    - Kestrel wind meter of some kind. I'm hoping to secure a 4500 (the nicest one) as a give-away.

    - Black spec ops seal team six delta operator laser!! Depending on how convincing I am, we could have a laser unit available as a give-away for this shoot. Might be IR, might be red-visible, definitely remote operated. I'll know more in 30-60 days.

    -Any other ideas? I've got a bunch of catalogs from Shot Show that need a home. The Magpul one is pretty much a coffee table book of gun porn!

    That's all for now. If I could get a rough estimate of people who are in and those who might be interested, that would go a long ways. And please throw ideas out here!

    This thread will be where I update news, rules and specifics for the Prairie shoot! Hope to see some of you there!

    (Someone find us a place like this!)

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