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Thread: Inflation

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    Consumer prices climb at fastest pace since September 2008

    The Labor Department said Wednesday that prices jumped 4.2% year over year, making for the biggest increase since September 2008. Prices were up 0.8% from March.

    Used car and truck prices surged 10% in April

    Consumer prices rose in April at the fastest annual pace in nearly 13 years as the U.S. economy continued to reopen from COVID-19 lockdowns.

    The Labor Department said Wednesday that prices jumped 4.2% year over year, making for the biggest increase since September 2008. Prices were up 0.8% month over month, quickening from the 0.6% increase in March.

    Wall Street analysts surveyed by Refinitiv were expecting prices to increase 3.6% from a year ago and 0.2% versus last month.

    Used car and truck prices surged 10% in April, accounting for almost one-third of the index's total increase. The price gains were the biggest for the category since recordkeeping began in 1953. Food prices edged up 0.4% from the prior month, rising for both the at-home and away from home categories. Energy prices, meanwhile, fell slightly as a drop in gasoline prices was offset by gains in electricity and natural gas.

    Core prices, which exclude food and energy, rose 0.9% in April, accounting for the largest monthly increase since April 1982.
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    Core prices which exclude thing like food and know.....the stuff thats jumped by leaps and bounds and would embarass our currency devaluing government.
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    Wait until the tax load increases. That’s something that inflation doesn’t track.

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    What's the dumbest possible thing democrats could do at this moment?

    How about ordering the shutdown of the Line 5 Pipeline?

    In other news, the US continues to circle the drain as the fuel shortage gets worse by the minute, inflation, blah blah blah.

    Democrats are CLEARLY trying to burn the country down...

    Tim says that in the weeks before the pipeline hack, the MSM was writing stories saying there was going to be a fuel shortage, because there are no truckers available. meanwhile truckers themselves say there are plenty of truckers available...

    Food Shortages as well...

    Y'all are gonna learn what countries like Poland experience during communism:

    Shops with NOTHING in them (maybe vinegar)

    Then comes the rationing and vouchers... and you KNOW the democrats are going to go maximum racist with THAT!
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