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    How To Survive Psychological Operations and Information Warfare


    Everything is a PsyOP. Understanding how is the only way to protect yourself from it.

    I define a process at the end of this post you can use to raise your defenses against Psychological Operations and Information Warfare Operations.

    This topic if VAST, and I've spent the past 2 years researching and experimenting with it.


    I will post MANY long technical explanations like this, if it does not violate GOC's community guidelines.

    If they do, Admins, I apologize. I'd appreciate constructive feedback, as well as the opportunity to use this platform to post these thoughts.

    My rationale for posting this is this is the B-Grade / first draft brainstorm material for an e-book I will write on this subject.

    I know my past posts about topics like this generate a LOT of traffic for GOC, and I am grateful to the site operators for carefully studying the analytics and not "grooming" my past posts.

    I hope posting this can be mutually beneficial,

    • For GOC by being high value, easily search optimized content that creates more users for this forum
    • For me to as the first draft for a product I intend to monetize later in the future (with full attributions to GOC for being a platform allowing me to state my opinion on the subject)

    I don't think that is a violation of GOC's community guidelines, but I wanted to be transparent about my intentions before I start this project.

    I'd appreciate collaborating with members of this community as well as with the GOC site operators to make sure this is aligned both to GOC's and my own personal interests.


    Psychological Operation Definition

    Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

    Information Warfare Definition

    Information warfare (IW) (as different from cyber warfare that attacks computers, software, and command control systems) manipulates information trusted by targets without their awareness, so that the targets will make decisions against their interest but in the interest of the one conducting information warfare.

    My Background

    When I did my Signals Operator Trades training in the Canadian Forces in 2004, we had a few courses relating to Electronic Warfare and Psychological Warfare.

    A lot of those principles overlapped very heavily with advanced cyber-security training I took working for big technology companies over my 16 year career working on tech projects in defense, airline, travel and hospitality, power and utilities, and finance. (I formally have a Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering)

    Before the lockdowns began, I had seriously contemplated rejoining the Canadian Forces as a Cyber Operator (the trade SHOULD be called "Cyber Warfare Operator" but of course... Trudeau). Because of my familial situation (especially caring for a low-functioning autistic child), I opted instead to self-study and train in neuroscience and hypnotherapy.

    Also before the lockdowns, my wife had life threatening depression and I set out on a path to recover her.

    After extensive research and online training, I developed a protocol using both hypnotherapy and neuroscience to identify the root causes of her depression and to develop a protocol to recover her.

    I succeeded.

    The crux of it was I had to figure out how the human mind works and how external systems influence our cognitive processes.

    After curing my wife's depression, I set about to create an eComm business focused solely on content creation, with the intention of educating other people about how to use basic self-hypnosis techniques to similarly recover from depression, which itself is related to anxiety, insomnia, and addiction.

    My end goal was to eventually help treat war veterans suffering from PTSD, since I am certain this protocol would work with such vets as well as it has with my wife.

    I haven't got there yet, but I'm working towards it.

    Regardless, in the process of creating my eComm business, I started working a LOT on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and a myriad of content platforms.

    Eventually what I discovered was that all of these content platforms rely on techniques most hypnotists would recognize as unethical, if they truly understood the technology. Most hypnotists don't understand the technology, but as a former software engineer with 16 years experience, I do.

    Whether intentional or not, those hypnotic content management processes (whether intentional or not) leave their users highly vulnerable to offensive psychological and information warfare operations.

    My wife's depression, I am certain was an example of this.

    This is my primary motivation to creating this.

    I almost lost her and knowing what I know through my research and testing, I know a lot of people in a similar situations can be helped by the information I can present on the subject.

    ***MODS: I would like to share my Website and Facebook group if it's not a violation of the community guidelines, otherwise, if anyone is interested, please DM me.

    How Hypnosis Works

    The hypnotic process boils down to this:

    • establishing a trust based rapport with the hypnotic subject
    • familiarizing the subject with the hypnotist's style of hypnotic communication
    • inducing the subject into a hypnotic trance
    • exploring and understanding the subject's subconscious mind
    • giving hypnotic suggestions to the subject while they are in trance
    • alternating their conscious state between varying depths of hypnotic trance
    • testing those hypnotic suggestions through post-hypnotic triggers at differing depths of trance

    How Hypnotherapy Works

    From a therapeutic perspective, the hypnotic process is performed with the intention of identifying negative subconscious thought process that the hypnotic subject is not consciously aware of while they are in a hypnotized state.

    Those negative subconscious thought processes often manifest as negative pathological behaviors such as anxiety, addiction, sleep disturbances, or negative compulsive behaviors.

    The subconscious mind does NOT employ complex logic like the conscious mind.

    It instead acts like a quantum computer, accessing vast pools of memories through our existing neuronal connections, making general associations between those connections (which form our memories), then deriving a highly generalized, non-binary context of understanding.

    That generalized context of understanding is our emotional responses to things we perceive in our present moment environment.

    The problem most people have is while they are aware of their emotions, they often are not consciously aware of the underlying subconscious process which form those emotions, which is why hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help people overcome negative emotional patterns that manifest as destructive conscious actions.

    For example, when I began hypnotherapy with my wife, she would constantly "thought loop" when she was triggered by negative stimuli and respond with negative and highly illogical actions such as explosive fits of anger, eating junk food, or desperately coveting material possessions regardless of the cost to acquire them.

    Using a hypnosis technique called "age regression" I was able to establish past life timelines of crucial memories of negative or traumatic experiences long in her past, then develop a post-hypnotic strategy for her to identify those triggers and develop subconscious processes to alter her behaviors such that she would not resort to negative, often self-sabotaging actions.

    The way I was able to do this was by identifying how negative stimuli in the present would trigger her to subconsciously remember past negative experiences, causing a negative impulse which would overrule her conscious ability to constrain. Then, by helping train her to develop new neuronal connections through hypnosis and post-hypnotic training based on the observations of her recollection of those past negative experiences while she was in hypnotic trance.

    The Critical Factor

    There is an important sub process of your conscious mind known as the "Critical Factor."

    This process forms in childhood and is primarily responsible for determining if external information is true or false in order to guide (or constrain) subconscious impulse.

    For example, very young children will believe in the Tooth Fairy or Santa Clause, but eventually when they process more compelling information that contradict that belief, their critical factor would apply low levels of conscious effort to contradict the belief that the Tooth Fairy or Santa Clause is real.

    That conscious effort is extremely expensive from an anatomical perspective, ergo, there is only a finite amount of effort our conscious mind can apply before our brain needs to rest without damaging itself.

    This is why we need to sleep, because without the ability to rest and consolidate information, the health of our brain (which is the most important set of organs in our body) begins to rapidly decline.

    How Everything Today is a PsyOp

    Hypnosis is then the process of guiding a subject into a sleep like state where their brain can rest and consolidate information.

    One of the most important steps in doing so is earning the trust of the subject to the point that they allow the hypnotist (or hypnotizing agent) to bypass their critical factor to speak directly to their subconscious mind.

    In my future posts I'll describe how Big Tech, Corporations, and Governments do just this, only not with the intent of helping the subjects under hypnosis, but rather to control them.

    That is the prime objective of both psychological and information warfare...

    How to Prepare For and Defend Yourself in a Psychological / Information War

    If you want to train and prepare yourself to not fall victim to Psychological and Information Warfare techniques do the following immediately:

    • Start a paper journal and treat it as if it's more important than your wallet or Smart Phone
    • At the start of the journal, write down a positive outcome for your life you would like to manifest towards the end of the journal. Make sure that positive outcome is something absolutely outrageous and unbelievable to the point it seems impossible
    • At the end of the journal, maintain a log of key events in your day to day life that are very positive for you, with the dates they occur, and assign a consistent ranking to compare and relate it to other, similar events (for example, my wife and I are actively trying to conceive a child, so I record whenever we make love, the dates, and a ranking of what that sessions was like out of 10)
    • Before your positive life event log, write down a cypher for you to record secure passwords to every website that requires a login (don't write down the passwords, write down "hints" for you to remember them)
    • Update all passwords to every web application you use frequently to an extremely complex password you have difficulty remembering and regularly change it (relying on your cipher in your journal)
    • Every day, right when you first wake up before you touch any piece of technology, write down the date, 3 things your are grateful for, 3 things that would make your day great, and 5 key priorities you have to get done
    • Every night, right before you got to sleep, record 3 things that went well, 3 things you could improve on, and rank yourself out of 10, based on how aligned were your actions in the day to your outrageous positive outcome in the beginning of your journal
    • Either the night of or the morning after a day when a positive life event happens, write down a summary of what you remember from that event in your journal, making sure you update the log in the back of your journal (In my case, I write all the specifics about how my wife and I made love)
    • Record any important information in your journal and NEVER post anything about those events on any of the primary social media platforms (I record my wife's dreams, people I've met during the day, or interesting events of the day).
    • Get 6-10 hours of sleep every night
    • If you can't get enough sleep, train yourself to meditate or perform self-hypnosis to make up the difference. I've personally found through meditation and self hypnosis, I can "make up" 2:1 hours of lost sleep through up to 1 hour of meditation. After 1 hour, there's a diminishing return in effectiveness, where the "make up" is closer to 1:1.
    • Get 3-hours per week of low intensity exercise at a minimum that require bipedal motion or high levels of hand eye-coordination (I personally eBike ride, pick up range brass and target practice)
    • Take up an offline hobby that requires you to hyper-focus on a physical process with high levels of hand-eye coordination (I sort brass and reload)
    • Go on a low-inflammation diet

    In future posts, I'll elaborate why this process is incredibly critical to raising your resilience to offensive psychological and information warfare campaigns.

    The main reason is that this is all the kinds of information every tech platform is actively collecting about you to optimize their content algorithms. They do this to know what kind of content they can show you to manipulate and influence your behavior. They collect data about you that allows their behavioral scientists to know when you are most easily influenced (when you wake up and fall asleep) to the times you are most vulnerable (when you are being intimate with another person).

    Unless you've completely disabled or removed all the microphones and cameras in your phone AND isolated it in an EMF shield the majority of time it's in your possession, the tech companies at a minimum have that information on you already.

    Because the tech platforms have this data, it's perfectly reasonable to assuming malicious actors can scrape publicly accessible data to find it for themselves (or perhaps that the platforms themselves are the malicious actors).

    While it may be disturbing to think they have that information, the real danger is that they they use that information specifically to manipulate your behavior at a subconscious level where and when you likely are not even consciously aware of it.

    I hope this made sense, please let me know if it didn't or if I can clarify. Questions appreciated!

    Also please let me know if this format was helpful and easy to understand, even though it was quite long, I specifically tried to format it in a way that it would be easier to process and digest

    (and yes, I used neuroscience and hypnotic writing techniques in the process... if you read this entire post in it's entirety and understood it completely, you were induced into a hypnotic state characterized by extremely high levels of Gamma brainwave frequency generation. I did that intentionally to demonstrate a point I'll discuss in a future post).

    Future Subjects To Discuss
    • How Subconscious Mirroring Impacts Virality
    • Why Sleep Hygiene Is Your Best Defence
    • How Coping with Past Life Trauma is Critical
    • How passwords have morphed into user tracking tokens
    • How to know when you are being hypnotized
    • Public domain data aggregation (Why Bots are actually more dangerous than you think)
    • How user interfaces hypnotize You
    • How data analytics are used to spy on you
    • How machine learning algorithms trap you in the Matrix
    • How to weaponize search engine optimizations
    • How to defensively use brainwave frequencies
    • How Neurolinguistic Programming is used to program your thoughts without you realizing it
    • How to Use Brain Entrainment To Protect Yourself from Mind Control
    • How Social Media turns you into Pavlov's Dog
    • How Freud's Iceberg Model is actually a model of the internet
    • ... More to follow

    If there is another topic you'd like me to discuss or one you'd like me to prioritize writing about, please let me know in the comments or through a DM!
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    How Neurolinguistic Programming is used to program your thoughts without you realizing it
    Good politicians [I don't mean ethical I mean good at their job] and preachers are masters at this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big-Boss-Man View Post
    Good politicians [I don't mean ethical I mean good at their job] and preachers are masters at this.
    Absolutely. So do social media influencers - that's why they're called "influencers"

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    Fear. Inundate us with fear to react irrationally and prematurely without reasonable thought. Constant flood of 'bad' news to create fear and control the narrative. i.e Blame the un-vaccinated
    Previously- Rivetc78 from CGN

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabio View Post
    Fear. Inundate us with fear to react irrationally and prematurely without reasonable thought. Constant flood of 'bad' news to create fear and control the narrative. i.e Blame the un-vaccinated
    That's only half of the equation.

    The promise of reprieve from fear is the other.

    Especially when the promise is a lie.

    If you can make people believe a small thing lie, you can make them believe anything.

    If you can control a person's belief, you can control that person.

    There was an episode of Star Trek inspired by 1984, that highlighted this point very well.

    If Picard had broken and said he could see 5 lights when there were only 4, the Cardassians would be able to make him say or do anything.

    Everything you do, right down to the most insignificant thing you say matters. That's a critical thing to recognize with Psychological warfare. That's how Psy Operators infiltrate their targets.

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    I guess the updated version of "4 lights versus 5" is "2 genders versus 63"...
    Successfully escaped this crazy quack s***hole country ALIVE - 12/26/2017!!!

    Give your family tree a good shake and see if you have any dual citizenship that you can use to GTFO of this crazy quack s***hole country!

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    The dress is blue and black. No, wait. It's gold and white.

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    Brain Storm Ideas:

    How Systemic Cascading Reactions Of Information Distribution Create Hysteria

    When distributed systems are integrated with one another through an overarching information network.

    The overarching information network, if operated by individuals with sufficient knowledge of the internal processes of each of the individual distributed systems can cause mass panic by creating a cascading reaction of information distribution.

    They do this by communicating a common message to all distributed systems that will trigger a pre-existing internal process. That internal process then leads to information being distributed to users that might otherwise not be accessible to them.

    When that is done with the intent of influencing those users in accordance with their primary objective (i.e. - create an environment of fear), they can make those systems evenly distribute a message that has the greatest likelihood of inducing mass panic if key user groups receive that information simultaneously.

    The reason for this is groupthink.

    The reason it is illegal to yell "Fire" in a crowded movie theatre.

    ... ... ...

    This is why we are all so scared of "COVID-19."

    Because anytime information about COVID comes up, we make associations with something negative, such as the penalty of job loss, ostracization of friends, harassment by strangers, punishment by law enforcement, stuff we saw on Facebook or Instagram.

    We are less scared of what we know about COVID than we are about what we think we now about COVID based upon the messaging that is being mass distributed to us from everywhere by everyone.

    But the intention is clearly to make us feel afraid.

    At what level? Who knows. But that is what they are trying to do. To scare the living hell out of us. To put us in a state where it's impossible to see what will happen tomorrow because we don't know if we will survive today.

    Inducing that kind of fear makes it impossible to foresee the future. To do things like imagine what your kids will look like in 10 years. To make it so that the message you see all over, everywhere is the only thing you can think of.

    But the antidote to that is to see fear for what it is.

    It is a prison for your mind.

    The way to walk free is to free your mind from that fear.

    Love is how you do that.

    I spent none of the lockdowns of 2020-2022 in fear.

    I spent it helping my daughters online school. Sorting brass with my beautiful autistic daughter. Practicing hypnosis and building my hypnotherapy business with my wife.

    I spent it playing Roblox and Breath of the Wild late into the night with my 2 oldest daughters. Making my youngest girl laugh by singing along to her favourite YouTube videos. By writing down my wife's dreams about the beautiful future we would have when we taught our autistic girl to speak and to use the potty.

    I had no time to feel afraid.

    Everyone else felt that everyone around them during this time was a demon. An evil person who in someway was going to harm them. They were going to kill me if I breathed on them. They were going to kick me out of the store if I didn't put a mask on. It felt like hell for them.

    I didn't feel any of that. To be honest, I felt like I was in heaven.

    I was surrounded for 18 months by angels. My wife and beautiful daughters.

    Everyone was conditioned by fear for 18 months.

    I was conditioned for love.

    And that is the best defense against psychological warfare.

    To love one another.

    Pure and simple.

    To love and abide in a spirit of love, because the most destructive potential of a PsyOp is to make a population of people who should love one another, hate one another instead.

    We all know what it means to love one another.

    Simply, it means to know that there is someone other than ourselves who we will voluntarily sacrifice a part of our self for their betterment, not ours.

    That is what it means to have "True Patriot Love."

    That's what it really means to be Canadian.

    I wrote this with a technique I usually use when I write code in Java.

    I usually THINK this stuff as I'm coding but because GOC uses an older WYSWIG text editor, I'm able to write this as if I'm coding.

    Hence, what you are seeing is me trying to explain the code I am writing to the computer as if it were a human being.

    Only the code I'm writing is actually the post you are reading.

    In this example, I wrote this post in 2 parts, as if it were to 2 different people.

    The first part for a very high functioning person with Asperger's who is highly computer literate.

    The second, I was trying to explain the same thing to my autistic daughter in a way she could understand, the way I envision she will communicate when she is 10 years old.

    Later I will try to write something that is more human readable.

    I'm also demonstrating and testing a few techniques to text based layout to demonstrate how content can be structured to accurately present information, but at the same time hide it from huge portions of their userbase.

    This is a technique the MSM uses ALL the time intentionally to promote or suppress information while giving the appearance of being unbiased...

    Also Awndry, there was a time when we first used this forum when you and I were pretty chill. I can't remember the specifics, but I remember really looking forward to chatting with you.

    Over time, I did something that greatly soured your impression of me and made it so you now have a permanent dislike of me.

    Whatever it was, I apologize. I don't remember what specifically it was that made you really dislike me and think I'm generally bat shit crazy.

    I don't argue I know other people think that of me, but to be honest, I used these forums as a way to build up my own levels of confidence so that when I confronted my father (who has always thought I was bat shit crazy), I would be able to eloquently speak to him in a way where I could stand up to him.

    The reason in the past I never tried to reconcile with you over that was because I needed you to think I was bat shit crazy so you would say things that reminded me of my father, which would prepare me and help me be able to talk to him.

    But my father and I are no longer on speaking terms and I really don't need to keep up the ruse that I enjoy pissing you off.

    I really don't. In fact, it always made me a bit sad that I could probably not be a nuisance to you when I could have chosen not to.

    I'm sorry that all this time I went along with it.

    In hindsight, I really regret not being purposeful to foster a friendship with you.
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    Just an FYI - that post above is an example of what I'd call "test notes" when I used to work as a software tester.

    Usually when I noticed suspicious behavior's with a software system, I'd write a note like that in a piece of software called Notepad++. I know it sounds very confusing and seems to make no sense, but to me, it's a bit of a roadmap for how to test a particular piece of software to look for bugs.

    I would also write test cases using those notes.

    The finished product, whether a bug report, test case, or several sets of test cases, would often resemble the posts I used to write here on GOC (although they would tend to be much more related to a specific software feature or system).

    After I wrote the test case or defect logs, I'd usually just delete those notes.

    Since I no longer work in the field, I'm using that same skill set to try to document times where I see systems purposefully using PsyOp tactics. Later when I review my notes, I'll make them more human readable.

    Why this is relevant is because user interfaces often have bugs in them that can easily be exploited by malicious actors. I'll try to explain why in a future post.

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    Great thread!
    "My principles are only those that, before the French revolution, every well-born person considered sane and normal".

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