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    2021 Cabin Fever Challenge - New Rules Announced

    CFC2021 is now LIVE

    The Cabin Fever Challenge is a modern postal match that requires the competitor to demonstrate four unsupported shooting positions with quick reloads (timed).
    Many Gun Clubs have restricted the use of their facilities for competition due to COVID-19 so CFC2021 might be perfect solution to that problem.

    The latest iteration of the Cabin Fever Challenge RULES has been released and there are some minor rule variations.
    Please be apprised that links to the ROLE OF RECORDS (excel file containing scores from 2014 - 2020) and the official match target (pdf) are available within the rule set.

    The CFC2021 match introduction and safety briefing video will be presented by 2021 Event Official OreGear on YouTube.
    The Cabin Fever Challenge is not for profit, led by a team of volunteers and there is no fee to enter.

    Maple Leaf Up

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