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    Team Hipwell Judicial OIC Challenge - Part Two

    [by Wolverine .303. Copied from ]

    I have engaged the services of EDWARD L. BURLEW, LL.B. to proceed with a Judicial review of the OIC. I will be looking for financial support and have opened this GFM page to accept funds.

    The response so far has been strong, and I want to thank everyone who has supported us so far. The fight has only just begun however.

    Who is John Hipwell?


    a. Participated in reversing CZ858 designation as prohibited in 2014;

    b. Participated in confirming the FRT is not law in 2014;

    c. Designed the WK180-C and WS-MCR as non-restricted S.A. rifle;

    d. Testified at committee- John testified before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security of the House of Commons on May 31, 2018;

    e. A man of few words;

    f. A man of action

    3 African Safaris with his 8 Bore Double Rifle

    Immigrated to Canada

    Won IPSC and Three Gun competitions with M1A!

    Stands up for your rights to own firearms

    Founded Wolverine Supplies

    Farms a one half section in Virden Manitoba

    John had retired from Wolverine Supplies by the time the OIC was thrust upon him and you in the middle of the night.

    He could not just let this happen he had fought the reclassifications before for the CZ858 and won, helping to create the Common Sense Firearms Act C-42 which is still law in Canada from 2014.

    Exposed the FRT as merely advice of a laboratory technicians along with Edward Burlew, LL.B. in 2014.

    Designed the WK180 and WS-MCR semi-auto rifle that is still non-restricted today.

    John would have remained in retirement. John could have planned his fourth African Safari (he has been on 3 with his 8 Bore Manton Double Rifle). John could have continued in Practical Rifle competition. John instead chose to fight.


    With his experience, past proven success at changing laws he had several firearms changed from prohibited to non-restricted by the Specialized Firearms Support System (SFSS) who run the Firearms Reference Table (FRT).

    John chose Edward Burlew, LL.B. who had helped him in the past success in 2014. Edward Burlew created the legal memo John personally handed it over to Minister of Public Safety, to the Honourable Steven Blaney. Mr. Blaney had the Department of Justice lawyer reviewed Edward Burlew’s memo, they could not rip it apart, in fact they agreed. The FRT is not a law. It is just a database of technologist opinions.

    NOW John is fighting again fighting for your rights. Join Team Hipwell, a team with proven success. Successes that endure today.

    John designed guns to put in your hands. John successfully challenged the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) FRT to put guns back in your hands.

    Now this is your turn to join Team Hipwell and their successful fight!


    Edward Burlew, LL.B. has defended over 800 licensed firearms owners across Canada, met with Member of Parliaments, Members of Canadian Senate, Ministers, Member of Provincial Parliaments. Advised Federal Minister for changes in legal designations of firearms, revising ammunition and gun powder regulations, legislation.

    Edward Burlew, LL.B. (Osgoode Hall law school 1977, call to Bar 1979, licensed to practice in all provinces and territories)

    IDPA trained;
    Black badge, IPSC;
    Clay Shooter;
    Behind Edward Burlew, LL.B. is a team of senior lawyers selected for their expertise, experts in firearms from design to marketing to the hunting field and firing line.

    The combination of John Hipwell and Edward Burlew, LL.B. brings their strengths backed by respect of success by shooters and the shooting industry.

    You can become part of Team Hipwell. Make a contribution!!!!

    The Order in Council (OIC) is driven by a short list of very dedicated anti-gun activists.

    Wendy Cukier of Coalition for Gun Control, Heidi Rathjen of PolySeSouvient are most prominent anti-gun activists. Activists who live in the past. There is no doubt a massacre thirty years ago at Montreal caused extreme pain and despair for every Canadian.

    But there are immense changes in firearms regulation since that event in 1989.

    Cartridge magazines for semi-auto center fire rifles were limited to fire cartridges on January 1, 1993 in direct response to the murders of innocents in Montreal.

    The Firearms Acquisition Certificate of 1989 was made obsolete in 1998 by the Possession and Acquisition License. This change requires continuous eligibility for all firearms owners to maintain public safety.

    Background checks are stricter now and the Oracle computer program checks all firearms owner for public safety issues daily. These strict controls have enhanced public safety immensely since 1989.

    Red flag laws (Section 117.04) were added to the Criminal Code in 1998. To date over 400,000 persons have those prohibition sanctions imposed by Canadian Courts who determined they are dangerous to themselves and the community.

    Also, firearms range safety is increased. Competition sports with strong safety training have developed. Insurance rates for personal injury caused by licensed firearms owners have reduced to minimum annual rates.

    “Mass killings” in Canada are few and most gun violence is with illegally obtained guns. Our present Gun Control Laws work.

    There is no need to confiscate legally owned non-restricted and restricted firearms for licensed owners. Especially when the registration certificates are issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Yet the dedicated anti-gun groups of small numbers refuse to recognize how we licensed gun owners strive for our own safety and public safety by voluntary compliance with training and safety laws.

    These small groups of anti-gun people need to be stopped. We are dedicated to stopping them.

    John Hipwell has stopped them in Parliament.

    Edward Burlew, LL.B. has stopped them in Parliament and Courts.

    With your donations we will carry on stopping the anti-gun minority.

    Coalition for Gun Control was founded in the wake of the Montreal Massacre of December 6, 1989 by Wendy Cukier and Heidi Rathjen. Heidi Rathjen then left and began PolySeSouvient. Together they lobbied the Federal Government for strict gun control.

    Our present Federal Government listens to these small minority special interest groups who ignore the strict gun control that is in place already.

    The National Police Federation, union of RCMP officers, disagrees with the rifle ban and confiscation. The government ignore them.
    The Canadian Association of Chief of Police state that confiscation of firearms is not the answer, the government ignores them.
    Now the Coalition for Gun Control is applying to deny John Peter Hipwell’s rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to deny his rights under the Canadian Bill of Rights.

    The Coalition for Gun Control has no rights because it is a not for profit corporation. The arrogance of such of a corporation with no Charter Rights, no rights under the Bill of Rights. To intervene into a private individual’s Charter Rights and Freedoms and Bill of Rights Freedoms is shocking.

    Team Hipwell is dedicated to stop this intervention. To place the issues of John Hipwell’s rights before a Judge, right up the line to the Supreme Court of Canada if needed.

    To achieve this sustained effort your help is needed. Your donation is your way to show you care about your Charter Rights and Bill of Rights.

    Together we will stop the corporations interfering with your rights and the gun corporations. Rights that existed before corporations were created by legislation. Natural Rights of individuals.

    John Hipwell’s application is about personal rights of freedom that go beyond property, his fights about freedom from jail, his and your freedoms.

    Please donate, please give regularly. This fight is a long fight and with your support we will all preserve our rights.

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    Looks like this has announced a fresh and urgent need of financial support. Wait until Sept 21st and likely you will want to donate a larger amount to help this case…

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIR VEYOR View Post
    Looks like this has announced a fresh and urgent need of financial support. Wait until Sept 21st and likely you will want to donate a larger amount to help this case…
    cheque book on stand by

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurlewLLB View Post
    We are now into the long haul. This is an endurance fight . Unlimited rounds if heavyweight battle.

    This will be a short post because the long story is very complex. Suffice it to say we advocated for the final hearing to be well in advance of the end of the Amnesty. That will not occur. The complexity of the procedural steps in this litigation. Steps that were always needed but were delayed by the motions made up to now, are now scheduled to occur over the next Year. Yes I said Year. I explained to all about the consequences of the day after the Amnesty Deadline. I explained to all in the Cae management Conference about he new Liberal Policy of no grandfathering , how the banned guns would be either turned in or deactivated, how there was no compensation yet determined and how that needed new legislation. How C-21 was now gone with the dissolution of Parliament. Yet the steps of the necessary procedure were set out by the court to extend past the Amnesty Deadline. The five day oral argument of the final hearing was not set. I advocated it be set but that could not be done. There will be a five day ( at least ) oral hearing sometime on the fall of 2022. A direction of this detail will come from the court soon. The court was obliged to follow the procedural rules of the court .


    In listening to my plea and my specific outline of the issues and prejudice the gun owners will face on May 1,2022 the court set a date for a motion to argue about an injunction to extend the Amnesty Period. This date is APRIL 11 , 2022. Just 20 days before May 1, 2020 when the Amnesty is up and we are all at risk of arrest and jail.

    This will be the most important motion for the 100,000 plus licensed gun owners. This motion will determine of they are arrested and jailed on May 1 ,2022. Read that again.

    Now is the time to stand together. All licensed firearms owners have to stand together. Forget that your gun is not affected by this OIC. Many of the owners of the banned guns have their non restricted guns not affected by the OIC. Yet they are at risk of Jail.

    This next Injunction to Extend the Amnesty is of High Importance. It will be a serious legal battle.

    Your support is needed now. This means commitment by you and you motivating your club to help . Every one who owns a gun banned by the OIC is a member of a club with a range. Now those clubs an members need to stand up and commit to contribute. The organizations with members who compete with the OIC banned guns need to commit.

    In this new legal battle Team Hipwell will be adding more lawyers, law professors, retired judges . But only f we have the funds to pay them for their help.

    Yours In Freedom
    Edward Burlew LL.B. ( Osgoode 1977)
    And this is a different action than anything Wolverine is doing. This is a personal action.

    And the date to review extending the OIC deadline is 20 days before it comes into effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wolverine View Post
    Sept 17 2021

    To donate by EMT for the Judicial Review Challenge please send to This requires a password.

    To donate by EMT Auto deposit, for the Judicial Review Challenge please send to

    To donate by MO or cheque please make out to “John Hipwell Judicial Review Challenge and mail to Box 2643, Virden, MB, R0M 2C0

    There is also a Go Fund Me account.

    Thank you John & Ed

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    $100 sent via Direct EMT.
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