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    Nothing wrong with using two guns, especially if they work for you. It's hard to argue with inkballs.

    I'd still be interested in how POI testing turns out. Another thing you could try is to lock the trap to throw straight aways on 3 and see how the sight picture compares between the two to smoke a bird

    As for hearing protection I use the disposable foam plugs. For me ear muffs hit the stock and ride up reducing their usefulness
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    Hello R&R,

    I have been away from the computer for a couple days and have just been able to log back in.

    That is a great idea. I did not think of holding the trap to throw straight aways and stand on 3. I will be able to get a practical sight picture. For that, I should be able to force myself to hold lower with the Citori. I will still be heading to the paper stand to look at the POI differences between the two side by side on the same day. This has fallen down the priority list but I should be able to have this done by mid to late August.

    Up until now, the ear muffs have been working. I have used the disposable foam plugs last week and I think I may need a different designed plug as it did not sit correctly in my left ear. This can also just be a practice thing. I will insert them more often at home.

    The inkballs are beautiful...especially when there are 5 in a row.

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