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    CARACAS—Socialist Venezuela has received praise from various leftist groups across the globe for achieving the world's first-ever zero-hour work week.

    France was getting close with its 8-hour work week, but Venezuela blew it away by finally achieving a work week of just zero hours.

    "Workers in oppressed America have to work 40 hours a week sometimes," President Nicolás Maduro said in a press conference. "Here in Venezuela, you don't work at all. There are no jobs. Also no food or money. Please send help."

    Bernie Sanders offered words of praise for the accomplishment. "Finally, Venezuela has shown how socialism can work by making sure its people can't, because there are no oppressive jobs. We must do better to make sure billionaires and corporations stop oppressing Americans by offering them places to work and earn money."

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also praised the achievement: "Zero hours is a lot less than, like, 40 hours. Or even 12 hours. I have to work like 10 hours, plus Twitter time, and that's really a lot. I'd prefer zero hours. Good job, Venezuela!"

    All 12,582 Democratic presidential candidates quickly came out in favor of zero-hour work week policies for their platforms as well, vowing to kill all the jobs created by the booming economy in America.

    Trump reportedly became jealous of Venezuela's accomplishments and sulked in the Oval Office for close to an hour, shrugging and saying "Whatever" to everything aides said to him.
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    That's so 2019.

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    Charles Barkley To Undergo Racial Sensitivity Training To Be Less White

    April 5th, 2021

    U.S.—In a viral moment, Charles Barkley ripped politicians on both sides for creating and exploiting racial division to maintain their money and power. For this, CBS is sending him to racial sensitivity training to be less white.

    "Rising above racial division and striving for unity is a common tactic of white supremacy," said CBS HR Director Ventriliqua Hobbs. "It appears Mr. Barkley has been assimilated into a system of whiteness that oppresses black and brown bodies in this country. We have sent him for re-education to help him become an obedient Communist, er-- I mean, anti-racist."

    Barkley, in one of his more controversial statements, said "most white and black people are great people", and that "cynical politicians want us to hate each other."

    "This is a truly disgusting statement," said Hobbs. "True allies know that hate is the only thing that will allow the oppressed to dismantle the systems of power created by whiteness. It appears that Barkley is just fine with whiteness, and CBS cannot allow someone like that to continue working for us."

    Barkley will be sent to a two-week training at Coca-Cola.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RangeBob View Post
    Quadrillion 10^15

    Quintillion 10^18
    Sextillion 10^21

    hypothetical justin trudeau : We expect to invest a sextillion dollars in infrastructure this year.
    CBC Journalist : That's wonderful news! Everyone likes sex !

    Toronto Sun journalist : Canadian $ on par with Zimbabwe dollar's historic hyperinflation. Liberal government to declare inflation illegal. Chaos expected to start to reign and people in the public sector becoming frantic due to country's unprecedented economic meltdown.
    Where does gazillion fit?

    Or is that what the provinces with an oil industry are unwillingly sending to Ottawa?
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    All restrictions/prohibitions on the use, carriage, or possession of firearms must be repealed.

    Middle ground?

    What middle ground?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksmithden View Post
    The more I see this happening, the more I want to get my savings out of North America into a country thats stable, and hasnt gone completely mad. Are there any of those left ? Canada and the US are lost causes.
    There’s a few. Especially where the conversion rate is pretty good. Some will grant passport/citizenship if you can prove you have a pension.

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