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    Cerakote finishes

    What do you guys know about cerakote finishes?
    If my shotgun barrels hold together for the rest of trap season, I might get them cerakoted over the winter.
    Will a BBQ paint job now make for a worse cerakote job later?
    Will my crappy soldering look worse with a nice finish on top of it?
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    The quality of any metal finish usually has to do with the prep. The guy putting it on should be stripping down to white metal. I think.

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    Dont paint it. You'll just have to scrape it all off. If you want a professional job done on it, send it to EM Precision in Spruce Grove Ab. Steve has the complete setup there including the stuff to get all of the oil out of the metal before the spray and bake.
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    Painting it is a waste of time and money. The Cerakote job would require more prep work. As with everything, prep is the most important part.

    I had a handgun done in Cerakote recently. I haven't used it enough yet to cough for durability after holstering over time, but the finish is great. Mine was done by Black Box Customs.

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