I had heard of SPY Optic but didn’t know much about them until just a few days ago. An ad from Tactical Distributors Canada featuring SPY’s Standard Issue line popped up on my Facebook feed and that prompted me to do some research. Simply put, I liked what I saw!

Actually, there were three things that drew me to the lineup. First, the concept of their “Happy Lens” (which btw is being re-branded to HD+). Happy Lenses are said to “create a colour enhancing and colour contrasting experience you can see and feel,” or as their motto says “See Better, Feel Better.” Basically, the technology blocks out “negative” sun rays like short-wave blue light and UV that cause eye strain and fatigue while emphasizing “positive” rays like long-wave blue light that boost mood and alertness. The net result is that you are supposed to feel more balanced and in a better mood! Not sure how well that could work but in these shitty lock-downs, I can use all the help that I can get!

Secondly, SPY offers several models that are ANSI RX safety rated and pass Z87.2 standards for impact resistance, which is a must for me as I like to use my sunglasses at the shooting range. The “.2” and RX part of the rating means they will retain their ANSI safety even if you insert prescription lenses.

Their ANSI safety glasses are divided into two categories, rubberized and non-rubberized. Models like the General, Tackle, Flyer, Sprinter, Rover, and Quanta 2 all have rubberized temple tips and nosepads that become sticky when you sweat to ensure the glasses are kept in place when you are active. In the case of the Tackle, which is designed for fishing, the tacky rubber extends all the way across the bottom of the frame. Non-rubberized safety glasses include the Dirk, Bounty, Logan, and the Jackman, the last of which also passes Canadian CSA standards.

Thirdly, they have a Standard Issue line designed for military and LEO. All SOSI (SPY Optic Standard Issue) glasses are blacked out (matte or regular) and have a small flag next to the SPY logo on the inside of the left temple.

Based on all the above, I ordered a General right away from one of my favourite gun stores, Select Shooting Supplies. While the General is available with polarized lenses, Select only carries the non-polarized as this is what is approved for their LEO clientele. Hey if it is good enough for our local Blue, it is good enough for me!
The General is one of SPY’s biggest frames with the thickest temple for the most side coverage from light and potential debris. I really like the look of the very square frame, something a bit different. It is also rubberized and I wanted to see how well that works. Hey, if you are going to try a new brand then you may as well try all their features!

So without further ado…the SPY Optic General SOSI ANSI Rx Matte Black with Happy Grey-Green lens!

LOL I have watched Youtube unboxing videos going back over 10 years and SPY sunglasses always come in tissue paper

The General in all its glory

The massive temple coverage

Closeup of rubberized temple tips and nosepads

Closeup of Z87.2 rating and SOSI flag

And on the face! Also shown in this picture, an All Skill No Luck California Combat Hoodie, T3 Gear Defender Mask with Digi-Camo mask cover, and a Kel-Tec toque I scored at their booth at SHOT Show 2020.

and without the mask

I tried a through the lens pic but don’t think I did it justice

So am I in a better mood? Well, I am definitely happy I got these…look at that, it worked after all!