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Except that there isn't an "in between time when they don't have one." Every RPAL holder received paperwork outlining the special transport conditions for their RPAL. Some of the conditions, transport to the border, gun show, verifier or to the police for destruction, were changed in C-71. Other conditions meanwhile remain in place specifically transport to and from an approved range in your province and bringing a new acquisition home.

The special conditions are outlined in the Firearms Act and providing your RPAL hasn't expired exist whether the paperwork is present or not. Transporting to the range or bringing a new restricted home are still legal. The paperwork is to demonstrate that you've been informed of the conditions and to present to a police officer if necessary.

In a similar vein, I have a 12(6) endorsement on my RPAL. Should I sell all my 12(6) it means I cannot buy any more prohibited handguns and the government will send me a revised RPAL. However, should that happen I would not have to wait until the new RPAL arrived to legally acquire restricted or non-restricted.
The issue is that they aren't conditions of your license. They are ATT's, specific authorizations to transport. The These "automatic" ATT's are one not several of which some can be revoked and others retained. One ATT that covers several destinations. That ATT has been revoked and we await the issue of our new single "automatic" ATT with multiple destinations (minus the C71 deletions of course).

This is what Runkle was getting at. ATT's aren't a conditions of our licenses. They're just automatically issued at certain times for some destinations.