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CLW, Iím sorry, but thatís terrible advice. You canít just tell someone with a young kid to get them an adjustable rifle that theyíll still enjoy at 18.

Why would you say that? Most kids under 10 canít handle anything more than a 22, and most 18 year olds can handle a 308/7.62, but I wouldnít dare give an 8yo shooter a 308 rifle with a short stock, just because they can still shoot it at 18.

I hope Iím misunderstanding your post, but unless youíre talking about a 22 that people can enjoy at all sizes, I disagree with your stance. There is no way an 8yo can handle the same calibres that an 18yo can handle.

Thereís no reason to limit that shooterís experience to one gun. Get them started on 22, move up to a 9mm carbine, then 223/5.56, etc.

My son is 11 and heís already fired 10 different guns, but none of them being 30 cal.
For crying out loud, have you never heard of shortening a butt stock to fit the shooter?

And yes, I was talking .22 rimfire.

I started my kids at 4, with a Ruger Bearcat and a Beretta 71.

The only .22 rifle we had was their motherís, and we werenít about to shorten the butt stock on it.

Of course, they shot it as well, the same way I shot my fatherís rimfire rifle when I was small.

He knelt while I rested it on his shoulder and he maintained control with his hand on the fore-stock.

His rifle was a single shot, my wifeís is a repeater.

Perhaps it will surprise you to know that a repeater, whether pistol or rifle, can be single loaded.

As for getting a normal sized rifle and cutting the stock, many kidís rifles wonít fit a full sized stock, but the cutdown stock can be replaced if desired.

As for kids and larger calibers, my eldest son shot a Charter Arms bulldog in .44 Special on a television demonstration when he was 8.

Many dumbasses in the gun fraternity whined about the little kid with the big gun.

Apparently, it never occurred to them that he chose the big gun because it was his favourite.