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    Quote Originally Posted by CLW .45 View Post
    To date 2.2 hours at $1,166.77 per hour.

    At that rate, 45 hours will be $52,504.77.

    With a little luck, the hourly cost will drop quite a bit.

    Not to worry, it is just a little example of why pilots and aircraft owners make a point of ignoring all the costs that make it too damned expensive to fly.
    Hourly cost is (cough) "down" to $591.27/hr. That'll drop a lot more once I start to solo. Nowhere near ready for that yet though. No matter how you look at it, getting that license is an expensive endeavor, as I knew it would be. You only get so many trips around the sun, so might as well check off as many of those bucket list items as you can with the time you've got, right ?
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