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    The persuit of the ultimate 45/70 load.

    It starts with a 500 grain bullet in 2 different shapes with 40 grains of IMR 4064 under them. Why IMR 4064? Because I have 22 pounds of it.(and I'm recoil shy now!!) IMR 3031 can kiss my lower cheek.
    Then we load up some 411 grain bullets with the same 40 grains of IMR 4064.
    I might go up to 45 grains under the 350 grain bullet. I have 8 different 45/70 bullet shapes and 1 ball mold.
    I have some with liquid alox and some powder coated. The testing began yesterday. The best so far was a few left over 1.5fg swiss black powder under a 400 gr bullet. They almost touched at 100 yards.
    I have a bunch of pics and will get around to posting them when I'm not reloading.
    Hunting starts friday here. Bear, deer, moose and upland opens friday. The 300wm is ready to go. But the 45/70 is a close second.
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