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    How many here own and shoot the antique Mauser Model 1871 or Gewehr 71 rifles?

    Got a nice one in VGC recently but have no idea where to get ammo or cases for one. Anybody else here own and or shoot one?

    Mine appears to be one of the diverse confused gender type as it has the bent bolt handle instead of the straight one and is short barreled!

    I would like to get some use from this fine old carbine length rifle.

    It looks just like this one except the nose piece and stock forward of the sling mount has been removed.

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    Many of them had horrible (and fascinating at the same time) things done to them - bent bolt handle is common. I do have a bit of an interest in these - had probably around 30 come through my hands... The most interesting conversion in my opinion is a takedown 12gauge conversion...

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    looks just like the cavalry carbine

    Google says it can shoot:
    1159mmR Gras

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    Good morning M,

    Yours will be marked model K, for "Kavalry cavalry.
    It likely shows where a stud or cut off stud under the muzzle end of barrel. this is what the nosecap attached to.
    It Should have a bent bolt.
    I just got 50 (rather expensive ) cases from Buffalo Arms, in Idaho, but had to have them sent to a mate in the States , who sent them up here for me.
    The standard rifles and carbines come in the standard .43 or 11 mm Mauser. but yes, there are variations depending on country and time line.
    Am sure yours will be marked "11" somewhere, maybe even the buttplate. for 11MM.

    All the best,

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