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    Quote Originally Posted by FALover View Post
    Shows up here just fine on my craplaptop. Perhaps a pointy-sticky thing for folks who do not want to carry a bayonet?
    Given the ring, maybe a Mortal Kombat knockoff? No dimensions, if it could go through plane it might be interesting, but then just use a carabiner as brass knuckles. Knuckles be better than that if they had box knives or such.

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    And here I thought it was a polling company.
    "When government grows, freedom shrinks." - US Senate candidate for Alaska, Kelly Tshibaka.

    Coerced vaccinations are slavery.

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    That is one gigantic shank, pry bar, or whatever.

    Dimensions: “25 15 6 in”
    Gun Control is about making it unlawful for you to use, carry, or possess a firearm.

    All restrictions/prohibitions on the use, carriage, or possession of firearms must be repealed.

    Middle ground?

    What middle ground?

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