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    CA 22 Centerfires for Deer Hunting

    When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.

    Victor Hugo

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    My mom's "dream gun" is a piston AR style platform in .223 WSSM for hunting now that she is retired and getting old. The adjust-ability, adaptability, customization, lower recoil, customizable barrel length & weight distribution, and other benefits of the piston AR would allow her to continue hunting. She figures the .223 in properly expanding 75-82gr hunting bullets would take broadside mulies and whitetail just fine if it was legal here, along with being able to hunt coyotes and other game of that size.

    However, as usual, the gun laws discriminate against the old, women, the disabled and others supposedly protected as minorities...
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    I'm thinking .243 for my new "every" rifle,

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