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    LILLEY: Activist accuses Trudeau of using gang shootings for political gain

    Sept 14 2021
    Ottawa, Ontario

    We’re in the last days of this election and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are still campaigning in a fact-free way, trying to use bogeymen to scare voters while not being challenged in their claims.

    Case in point, their constant refrain that Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives forming government will mean more shootings in our streets.

    If Canadian voters are worried about shootings and gun crime, they should be worried about re-electing a Liberal government.

    In fact, Sukhi Sandhu, one of the leaders of the anti-gang group Wake Up Surrey, takes issue with the way Trudeau is campaigning on gun violence.

    “What’s most disappointing is that the ashes of our youth who have been killed in gang violence have been used for political rhetoric and wedge politics,” Sandhu told me over the phone this week.

    Sandhu was a longtime activist in Liberal politics in British Columbia before leaving that role to work with Wake Up Surrey and push for better policies to end the gang violence. He said Trudeau has not shown leadership on this file and is stoking fear.

    While Trudeau loves to go on about going back to the Harper years, under his watch, gun crime has only gone up. From murders at the hands of armed killers to weapons violations as a whole, street guns have been an issue.

    Trudeau’s only major policy change has been to change regulations for licenced gun owners.

    It shouldn’t need to be said that criminals aren’t licenced gun owners and the guns they are using are overwhelmingly smuggled handguns from the United States, not the rifles Trudeau has banned.

    Even if you think those rifles should be banned, this should concern you because Trudeau’s measures won’t stop the shootings on our streets across Canada.

    According to Statistics Canada, total weapons offences across the country rose 16% overall between 2010 and 2020. The number of murders committed with guns have gone up 58% over that time, which — according to Statistics Canada — are mostly gang-related murders with handguns.

    Since Trudeau called the election, Toronto has seen 45 shootings with 20 people injured and four people murdered. In Vancouver last week, the shootings and violent crimes were so high that police were stretched thin.

    “Our frontline officers and specially-trained detectives have been going full tilt since Friday,” Sgt. Steve Addison, of the Vancouver Police Department, said regarding the spike in violence.

    Dozens of officers were assigned to the cases. This is the crime that Canadians are worried about, this is the crime that Trudeau is doing nothing about.

    What Trudeau and the Liberals are doing is changing regulations around legally-owned guns held by licenced gun owners. He continually talks about the 1,500 types of guns that he has banned as if that act makes Canadians safer.

    Here’s the simple truth: he banned those guns of which there are more than 100,000 in Canada, but they are still in the hands of the owners. There hasn’t been a spike in gun crime with these rifles because they are owned by law-abiding, RCMP-vetted gun owners.

    Most of the crime guns used to shoot up Canadian streets are illegal handguns smuggled across the border from the United States. An analysis of the crime guns seized in Toronto last year shows that 60% of them aren’t even legal for anyone to own in Canada.

    Sandhu is calling for a focus on stopping guns from coming into Canada and dealing with the gang issue through prevention and enforcement. He said Trudeau and the Liberals are just using this issue to play for votes while not fixing a very real problem.

    “Let’s stop the wedge politics,” Sandhu said.

    It’s a nice thought, but I don’t expect the Liberals to give up on using this issue for political gain anytime soon — not while using it to scare people can still win them votes.


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    no one is listen to justin at this point,,,

    he's parading around in Ont hospitals and we can see mom and dad,,,

    no gravel indoors,,,

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    Articles like that are great. But they only matter (i.e. have reach) if they're in the G&M, CBC, Global, CTV News or TorStar.

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