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    Any value or just shooter off?

    Do any of the below shotgun shells in boxes have any value, or just shoot em off? One box is paper, so probably won’t shoot that. The two smaller boxes is “SSG” but 12 balls, so kinda contradictory....

    And it was an Aussie phone apparently....

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    Wow been a long time since I've seen Co-op branded shot shells! The boxes of Imperial are worth the most as they are good high brass high quality shells loaded fairly hot. Are they worth more than off the shelf equivalent? Not much if at all, but all good ammo is expensive these days. Be mindful they are probably lead if you are going to use them for hunting. The other stuff, IMO shoot it and enjoy it.

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    I have one coop shotshell that I think came from a box like that, and it was made by s&b.
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    back in the day my dad would only shoot imperial, great stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwirecom109 View Post
    back in the day my dad would only shoot imperial, great stuff
    huh, I have a few rounds of Imperial .303 with the plastic (nylon?) tips.
    Hornady and Nosler would like me to believe they invented the concept recently.
    Haven't really thought about shooting them as the caliber is becoming more of a curio these days.

    edit/ And to add to your comment about preferences, my dad used to shoot a lot of Imperial out of his Ithaca.

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    Sabretip! My old man still has a few rounds.
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