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    Here's my 1951 Tula 'Light refurb' -
    I bought this when the Canadian Long-gun Registry was stopped and Canadian Tire was selling these for $159 CDN in Nova Scotia. I think that was 2014. This is 'Light refurb' in that only the magazine (due to CAN 5-round restriction ) and stock (prob damaged) were replaced and forced numbered. All internal numbers match with action numbers. The repl stock has a very well done repair on the back left by the action but otherwise just re-numbered. I have a receiver mounted Barska 3-9 x40 Scope (Cabellas) which is see-thru for irons, too. I fitted the cover precisely and the scope holds Zero - for several hundred rounds now. I have the original receiver cover too. I'm using a notebook-case strap for a sling - HD nylon and adjustable, with a shoulder pad
    All of the metal shows virtually NO wear, so I'm guessing this did not 'see action' anywhere unless the refurb extended to re-blueing everything. The CanTire guns were cleaned up and 'pinned' to 5-rounds so I don't know what condition it was in when the importer got it. That could be where the mag and stock were repl-d.
    I put in an Mcarbo Sear spring (medium weight - the 'light' one lets the mag dump open) and polished the sear engagement surface and rails and the rails inside the trigger assy - really smooth trigger but still sorta heavy due to hammer spring. I don't want to go too light since this is a hunting gun as well as targets. Shoots very well with NO issues with Milsurp (Czech, Romanian & Chicom) and modern Barnaul ammo. The range I use only goes out to 200 yards so I can't tell how accurate I can shoot beyond that, but at 200 I can 'hit a paint can'. Good enough for my for now


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