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    Vetterli rifles Advice please

    I have this pair of Swiss Vetterli rifles that came to me through a family member. Im preparing to sell them and have a couple questions that I hope are appropriate to ask here: 1) Any idea on how/where I can determine a reasonable selling price?, 2) What forum is appropriate for selling these old rifles (perhaps its here)?

    I have no experience with vintage firearms so any guidance is appreciated.


    As an aside theyre pretty cool for being 150 years old 10mm rimfire blackpowder cartridge, bolt action, 11-round tube magazine, 1425 ft/s


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    A member here has one:

    A fast Google search find them for sale on sites in the USA at $300-1700USD:

    ht tps:// $300

    ht tps:// $600

    ht tps:// $750

    ht tps:// $1000

    ht tps:// $1700

    Canada: $1400

    Who probably bought it for $175

    I think they are like other Swiss rifles: most 'generic' ones are not excessively valuable or collectable, but there are some that are. Let's say those two were early sequentially serial numbered, they could be worth a lot more to the right collector. Again, the issue becomes the right collector, which goes for anything collectable.
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    Last ones I saw go through P&S they were asking around $700. They’re usually fairly bang on with market value. That’s complete rifles in decent condition.
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    Don't need to go to American auctions to check value, just check the latest Switzer's or Kidd's (hope the unbroken link is ok - the search is set up)

    Based on the above, 700 is optimistic I think. 500-600 for perfect condition. A friend picked up several for less.

    Post them here. You'll probably hear from me

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    They often sell on the CGN EE for between $450 -$600 in complete unaltered condition and much lower for sporterized ones.

    Your top one is missing it's rear sight and cleaning rod so deduct about $150 to $200 for those two issues alone.

    Bottom model one is missing the ejection port cover, so deduct about $100 from that one too.

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    The guys, appreciate the responses!

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