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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaidheal View Post
    I used to have a Turkish clone of the PPK in .380 that was awesome. Whole lot cheaper too.

    Weird stripping it - the trigger guard was hinged and had to be dropped down to allow the slide to come off.
    That’s how PPK’s work.
    Calvin Martin, Q.C. 1933 - 2014

    I would like to apologize to anyone i have not offended. Please be patient. I will get to you shortly.

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    Well, off to the rental range we went……. Of all the things her current favourite is a Ruger LCR revolver in .22 WMR, trying to get some light wadcutters in .38SPL and convince her that, with practice, it is the way to go in the same platform.

    I have to take into account, if she is more comfortable & accurate with the .22WMR, that is what I’ll be buying, nothing ever according to plan lol, still without my 007 rig……

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    We all look for excuses to buy a gun, but in the end do we really need one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimlock View Post
    We all look for excuses to buy a gun, but in the end do we really need one?

    Only we can properly make that decision.

    Would that the authorities, and too many of our fellows, were not unclear on the concept.
    Gun Control is about making it unlawful for you to use, carry, or possess a firearm.

    All restrictions/prohibitions on the use, carriage, or possession of firearms must be repealed.

    Middle ground?

    What middle ground?

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