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Thread: I found one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strangeday View Post
    I love the feeling of finding something you’ve been looking for.

    Sometimes you don’t even know you were looking for it and then whammy
    the joys of wandering around Princess Auto

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    So, I picked it up this afternoon. I couldn’t do anything with it until after 8pm tonight. I must say…Wow! Fit and finish on this Uberti is impeccable. I certainly don’t want anyone to see it next to either of my Marlins. It does look better then my Winchester. The wood is unbelievable!

    I don’t know how long this gun was in storage after it left the factory. I would say…for some time. It was completely bone dry out of the box. (Not surprising.) I believe it has been fired at least once. (Function tested.) I was disappointed that it appeared to have some rust in the barrel. It took quite a bit to patch it out.

    As you can see the pile of patches above. But a quick look with the bore scope showed a nice shiney bore. I should have checked the bore before I cleaned it. So I guess I won’t know how bad it looked before the cleaning started.

    So I checked all of the screws. Only a couple needed snugging. Then after prepping the bore, I treated the metal and wood. As well as fully lubing the action and barrel. Then I had a look at the sight picture. Typical buckhorn. The front sight needed a sliver of yellow paint. Two coats carefully applied, and now it’s ready to shoot.

    The action feels very tight. When my Winchester was new, it had a buttery smooth easy feel. This is tight. It will take a bit to loosen it up, I believe. And I love that octagonal barrel!

    Time to put it to bed.
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