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    Quote Originally Posted by Petamocto View Post
    Hello everyone,

    No offence intended here, but I have realized that this is basically no longer a gun forum.

    All you have to do to realize this point is click on the new posts button, and look at all the threads that are being discussed.

    Out of the 50 or so you’ll see, maybe five are gun-related. There’s a bunch on COVID, a bunch on politics in general, a bunch on general news, but very little on guns.

    I’m not sure how, when, or why this happened, and I’m not saying it’s good or bad, but over time the emphasis on guns has gotten less and less.

    That said, I do come here to learn more about guns and talk about guns, so I challenge everyone to do this: please start a new thread about something gun-related.

    Post about the last gun you bought, post about a gun you are going to buy next, post a thread about your dream gun, etc.

    Sh!t, I don’t care, post about the most played out gun threads ever discussed like 9mm vs 45 vs 40 or whether 223/5.56 is suitable to take down a deer, but for the love of God…


    Ok so A friend of mine purchased a .357 mag and he invited me out to shoot. So I go to a local store and pickup some ammunition for it [as not to feel too guilty shooting it] I get home and realize I got 38 S&W not the 38 special I was looking for.

    will it be 'safe' to also shoot 38 S&W in a .357 mag?

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