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Thread: Barrel break in

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    After following the BI procedure on the Krieger site I can say without hesitation that cleaning this barrel has become noticeably faster and easier. It now takes less patches and less effort to clean than it did after the first shot.
    I completely cleaned it prior to going to the range and shooting the first shot, which incidentally took many patches.
    I now have 25 rounds through it and can even feel the difference in the force needed to push a patch through it.

    On a side note, I bought a bore guide to aid in the cleaning process and I highly recommend it. It makes it a more enjoyable chore.

    Thanks again for the responses.

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    Absolutely no doubt that using the right equipment not only makes the task easier but also reduces the potential for any damage. I find a good copper solvent like Sweets 7.62 do a good job. I chase the solvent with a “neutralizer” like alcohol, dry patch, and oil before the next shot.

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