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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Enfield View Post
    Webo said the "fumes" were killing his cattle.

    Some teenagers drove onto his property one night raising hell. Someone fired at a vehicle killing a girl who was a passenger.

    Not enough evidence to charge anyone, my cousin lead the investigation.
    The RCMP expert said the shot that killed the girl was fired from inside the car. Looks like an accident that they tried to blame him for.
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    Cheryl Gallant: How Suzuki Blew Up Trudeau's Plan

    Nov 26 2021
    Ottawa, Ontario
    by Cheryl Gallant
    via mass email

    Dear RangeBob,

    The Trudeau Liberals and NDP are teaming up to ram through bad laws as fast as possible.

    The problem with the radical left, it is never enough.

    The Trudeau Liberals have imposed an ever increasing carbon tax.

    They are imposing new fuel regulations in 2022 which will cost you even more.

    The socialist coalition is kneecapping Canadas oil and gas industry.

    Except it is still not enough for the radical left.

    Over the weekend at an Extinction Rebellion event, David Suzuki said if the Trudeau Liberals dont do even more pipelines will be bombed.

    What is it the radical far-left want?

    What are their demands?

    According to Suzukis Extinction Rebellion crowd, they want to reach Net Zero in the next three years.

    If you go to the Extinction Rebellion website you can read for yourself how they propose we reach Net Zero in three years.

    Their plan to reach Net Zero is to protest.

    To hold rallies.

    To gather in peace circles and talk about how they can block roads and bridges.

    That is their plan to get us to Net Zero in three years.

    Extinction Rebellion is just another fundraising vehicle to support the radical left wings professional protest crowd.

    And that is why nothing Trudeau says or does will ever be enough for so-called progressives.

    They will progressively demand more and more radical action because the goal is not reducing emissions.

    Their goal is a utopian eco-justice collectivist fantasy.

    Net Zero means Net Zero in your bank account.

    It is time for the Trudeau Liberals to wake up.

    They need to condemn clearly and unequivocally David Suzukis intimated threats of bombings.

    They also need to clear the air with these activists and admit their climate emergency declarations are merely virtue signaling.

    If they cant or wont do that, they should clear the air with Canadians about what emergency measures they plan to impose.

    Cheryl Gallant, M.P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swampdonkey View Post
    The RCMP expert said the shot that killed the girl was fired from inside the car. Looks like an accident that they tried to blame him for.
    Interesting on the shot. I was never told that

    I do know a private firm was hired by the oil company was doing an investigation into the oil well "blast" and my cousin was chastised by the judge in the Ludwig trial for giving that private firm what evidence the mounties had found in their investigation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwissArmyMan View Post
    They're threatening us with smallpox now our oil. I'm sure this is all a conspiracy theory.
    No no.......its on the internet, it has to be true. LOL
    Nothing will F--k you up as much as the realization that there's no real reason the alphabet needs to be in order !!

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