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Thread: 4Xe

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    My firm is doing the the usual for this day and age, and giving out very substantial rebates if one purchases an EV. I recognize the false economy of the EV but I was already looking at a Civic for the Wife to get around in TX suburbia.

    I could be in a Wrangler Sahara 4Xe for about the same with the company “woke” rebates, or what other platform would you choose? The Jeep seems a a bit of a clunky compromise but still versatile in the real world……

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    I don't know about the 4Xe specifically, but "Jeep" ain't Jeep no more. Crappy Stellantis. Last decent Jeep was the TJ's and unless you live, well, in Texas or Arizona etc, they all have rust problems.

    Get the Civic. You can't go wrong with a Civic or a Corolla. They will outlast a Jeep.
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    Honda anytime ! Jeep - POS !!
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    The new hybrid Jeep Wrangler is amazing IMO. The 4x4 is great, and with minor modification it can be a mobile generator for hunt camp. I'd buy one if we were in the market.

    Put it in 4 low with cruise control and feel how it crosses obstacles. Between the independent traction control, wide angle perimiter cameras, silence, and fuel efficiency, it's a dream hunting rig.
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    If my employer gave me the option and a rebate for an EV in the affordable range, I'd look at Toyota. Think Rav4. Even the Corolla or Camry hybrids would be a good choice. I'd opt for those before the Civic.

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    Buy whatever and then trade it in on a Toyota Tacoma!! Win Win.
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    I found the civic interior makes for a nicer experience then the corolla
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    if you drive in snow or off pavement ever the jeep, if you're concerned about fuel mileage and dont care that your vehicle feels really cheap get the honda.

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    The Jeep will hold its value for quite a while if selling after a few years is possible.

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    We have a 2020 Wrangler JL. It's been great. I'm not sure about the 4xe, but after my experience I would be willing to give it a go.

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