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    New Range Gun!! Sterling R18!!

    We are Happy to announce that we have made one of these available to Shoot on our Range!
    For any Further Sterling Inquiry's Feel Free to contact us at 1(403)720-4867


    Link to Our Website:

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    do you guys publish a list of your range guns or does a person just have to come in and see?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big-Boss-Man View Post
    do you guys publish a list of your range guns or does a person just have to come in and see?
    They change on a regular basis, so we don't really do an online list.

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    Handled one last night at the range... it's a nice feeling gun.

    Great job on TSE for putting this out.

    I'm not in the market for a 3-gun rifle ATM, but whoever picks one up will be very happy.

    Plus I know TSE will offer top notch customer support if they have any issues.

    Having one as a range gun, they'll find and work out any kinks in a very short order - which is a brilliant quality control strategy.

    Every gun has quirks and kinks, not many guns will get as badly abused and pushed to their limits as a commercial range gun.

    Even though times are a bit lean, I'll be saving my pennies this year to pick one up.
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