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    Deer Turns to Dust Before My Eyes

    This is one of the most fascinating deer-related videos we have ever seen. Before you click on the “play” button, be warned that it is graphic — and might not be the best to view while you’re sitting down to a meal. Regardless, it is a first-hand glimpse into the raw power of Mother Nature, and how all things — living or dead — or put to use by our natural world.

    The deer in question is a white-tailed doe that was hit and killed by a motorist outside of Rob Nelson’s home. Nelson puts the deer in an enclosed fence near his home and allows nature to take its course. The time-lapse video runs for a full five days. You have to watch the video to truly comprehend how nature takes it course. Outside what appear to be one or two random birds, no other scavengers find the deer during the five days (in the heat of summer). The deer is completely turned to dust by maggots and beetles!

    The time-lapse video, “Deer Turns to Dust Before My Eyes,” was produced in 2019 by biologist Rob Nelson and has generated more than 12 million views as of this writing. Nelson’s page, Stone Age Man, to help people reconnect to the real, wild world.

    “If you’re like me, you probably have a feeling that we’re missing something in this modern age,” he writes. “I’ve come to realize that we have to understand our past, to help us move forward. That’s what StoneAgeMan is all about. It’s a balance of science, history, human biology and nature.”

    Again, don’t click the play button unless you’re truly ready to see what happens when a deer is left to decompose in the wild.

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    That's why we can't find the bigfoot bodies
    the wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept

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    Not much for scavenger scatter either. An old pony had to be put down at the farm last year. Dad took the tractor out the next morning to drag it away and there wasn’t anything left but a half stripped rib cage.
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    Most people have lost contact, or never have had close contact with nature. This is also what awaits us, unless cremated or laced with chemicals, to delay the inevitable…

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    that was way faster than I would've guessed [2x times faster], must've been warm and humid where he filmed that

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    Pretty cool. Lord, thank you for not making that guy my neighbor. LOL.
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    Must of been ten years ago at least by now, but late one Friday afternoon we were headed to our summer cottage for the weekend, about ten miles before the cottage there was a large fresh blood splat on Highway 11 and I looked up a close by old small tote road and about 80 yards up the road an absolutely huge Bull Moose had been dragged up the road to get it's carcass away from the highway.

    Late Sunday afternoon on our way back home from the cottage I looked up the tote road with the dead Moose and I couldn't believe after only two days or so that there was hardly anything left. If you didn't know that a huge Bull Moose had been dragged there you would not be able to tell unless you stopped and walked right to the spot the Moose carcass was at.

    Yes, Mother Nature can sometimes work very fast.

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