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    Services offered - exporting/storage/limited gunsmithing/reclassifications

    Glad to finally be here in an official capacity. Hopefully we can make life easier for fellow gun-owners.

    While the services we offer are mostly targeted to overseas customers, we are hoping to grow.

    Here is what we can do:

    Export: We are licensed for all classes of firearms - all prohibiteds including May 1 OIC. We have contacts in Europe and can try to find a buyer for your prohibited guns (sorry in advance, the price will have to be very low to make it worthwhile with shipping)

    Buying: We are always looking to buy pre-1891 guns especially the ones that fall in the prohibited classes and other prohibiteds like FALs. We will also consider buying your "unicorn" rarity guns for our reference collection and give them a safe space in Canada.

    Import from Europe (just not US for now) - we can help you import your guns from Europe. Disclaimer: you can do this yourself too, this is not a unique service.

    Storage: We can store all classes of firearms including May 1 OIC guns and then return them to you, the current owner (under current regulations, this may change as the amnesty expires). So if you are leaving the country for a bit or have estate guns or for any other reason need storage - we can help.

    Reclassifications: We have limited gunsmithing capabilities, but we can reclassify prohibited -> restricted with a barrel change on a case by case basis.

    Registration: We have the ability to register prohibited guns that were never registered before and therefore aren't 12.x eligible. We can then export them or convert to restricted on a case by case basis.

    We are in the Ottawa area but shipping either by mail or truck is an option.

    Contact us here or by email at [email protected]
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