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    One of the things I do when introducing a new shooter is to get them to just drop the gun on the floor.
    People have an aversion to just dropping things and they need to know that:
    1. I don't care that it might damage the firearms
    2. It does not actually damage he firearms
    3. The firearms is safer falling and hitting the ground then it is when it is being handled since there is no one to pull the trigger.

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    A new shooter should be closely supervised and use the firearm in a progressive manner - ie. one shot max. up and out the pipe for a few times until they get the feel of the firearm. The recoil, the grip, the sensation are all unique to firearms. The first couple of times its all new. Its an acquired sense unto itself. If you give someone a full clip and let them go to it, bad things are going to happen.

    I guess I am one of those who has an aversion to dropping a firearm ( and especially on purpose ).
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    Had this happen a few times.
    Oddly, on the indoor range as the brass bounces off the side of the stall
    It does burn. Ouch..
    But I put the pistol down quickly and get the F'n hot brass off.
    It just would never occur to me to dance around waving a handgun around endangering others.
    Probably never had a club safety course or any instruction.
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