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    Quote Originally Posted by RangeBob View Post
    Sarah Silverman (comedian actress) saying "I don't want to go back to selling pictures of my feet".
    15 second commercial at
    That's how a lot of guns get sold!
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    Canada’s securities watchdogs vow to regulate crypto sector more forcefully in wake of FTX’s collapse

    Canadian watchdogs responsible for investor protection are banding together to enhance their regulation of the crypto sector, using unusually sharp language to threaten legal action against companies that remain resistant to outside oversight and warning trading platforms to stay away from one of the sector’s most nebulous assets.

    Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), a collection of provincial and territorial securities regulators, has pursued oversight of the crypto sector for close to two years, but the process of registering crypto trading companies is a complex task. It is also time consuming, considering that hundreds of trading platforms were already up and running by the time the watchdogs released formal regulations in March, 2021.

    Since the rules came out, many crypto firms have either registered with the regulators, or have started the process of getting registered. But some companies still shun the idea, and until now Canada’s regulators have handled them with kid gloves.

    In a Monday announcement, the CSA addressed these companies using much more forceful language. It said it will now consider enforcement action against them.

    “We reserve the right to bring enforcement action if the process is too slow,” Grant Vingoe, chief executive of the Ontario Securities Commission, said in an interview.

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    Bank of Canada serious about digital currency

    The “wild west” in trading overpriced stocks and digital currencies is history — that is until speculators jump aboard the next gravy train.

    Last year, Bank of Canada became Canada’s official digital payments regulator, a new power that was not previously included in the Bank Act. And on Nov. 2 Reuters reported Bank of Canada will regulate Payment Service Providers, in addition to card networks, digital wallets and money transfers.

    Their analysts devoted to digital payments many years of quiet but thorough study. As in the ancient adage, “The mills of the gods grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine.”

    Our central bank is intent on ensuring public confidence “in the safety and reliability of the fast-growing electronic payment segment.” So by 2024, Canadian coin exchanges must register with our central bank. And, U.S. Federal Reserve is asking Congress for the power to regulate their digital exchanges.

    What does all this mean for the average family? Canada will have a digital currency. How it’s used will be regulated, like plastic, paper, and coins.

    Bank of Canada will require Payments Service Providers to register and Department of Finance will regulate them. Details will follow public consultations.


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    Anyone who isn't concerned about the prospect of the government instantly freezing their account will sign up...

    Anyone with sense won't....

    Then there will be this weird parallel economy where you have the mentally ill using the CBDC and a weird mix of people using a foreign currencies, cash, and barter...
    The temptation is always to fixate on everything that is going wrong instead of those insignificant things that are going right... but inverting the fixation, so all you think about are those small silver linings of hope through the darkness of endless chaos... that is the key to get through the hardest of times victoriously instead of being crushed by them.

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