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    Quote Originally Posted by harbl_the_cat View Post
    This is confirmation to me that CT is much slower to react to the price changes owing to their supply chain disruptions.

    They likely put in an order a few months ago for primers at $40 and just got the shipment - so they put a 20% markup on it, even though the going market rate for primers is almost double what they paid for it when they put in their orders...

    I check CT every week to see what they get in for powder and primers... they're been bare for months.

    This sounds an awful lot like hyperinflation...
    I can guarantee you with my life they didn't put in an order a few months ago and got that price. That order has to be at least 2 years old.
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    Canadian tire definitely doesn't keep up to date on prices, bought a case of clays 15 years ago, $22.99, just bought another Sunday, $22.99, same quantity and make.

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    One thing I notice about CT is while the are slow to increase prices and do have some decent sales, they never drop the regular prices on items when they increase (not including sales).
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    I too am running low on small rifle primers (a bit more than 300 left).

    Last time I checked locally, none available (Tenda, Bass Pro). Canadian Tire stores in the GTA don't sell ammo or components.

    With the way pricing of both ammo and components is going, I'm going to have to start rationing my shooting -- it'll be too painful pulling the trigger knowing how much that round costs! Last time I was in a Canadian Tire that sold ammo, I was surprised by how much hunting ammo has increased. All the 308 and 30-06 were at least $2/round. Even Core-lokt, which I remember was normally around a buck a piece or so was $44 for 20 rounds.
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    A lot of people are getting priced out. Shooting is a recreational activity. Demand is elastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksmithden View Post
    I can guarantee you with my life they didn't put in an order a few months ago and got that price. That order has to be at least 2 years old.
    The Hornady rep told my LGS to not even bother putting in an order until 2024.
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