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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabio View Post
    Should change it to last outting.
    Someone gave me $5700 for my ACR.
    They are nice, but not that nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lone-wolf View Post
    haha what happened?
    Surprised that the ACR wasn't included in the last OIC.
    With the Liberals back announcing new measures and will most likely expand on their 'list'.
    I thought I already have a nice used cars worth sitting prohibited in my safe I wait to add more???
    So asked for a pretty penny...and got more than I asked.

    'From my cold dead hands' is s cool phrase...but for that much money, take it. I got others.

    ..and I get to sell my 300blk reloading stuff I stockpiled for 3x the price and the ammo for 2x. Another 2k+.
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