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    actually i would love to know what a "transfer" after a retailer sends in your licence #, address, details of the gun including serial number, what does the CFO do when it lands on their desk? I presume verify the license is valid, check the address...what else? I understand there is a difference if it is your first restricted?

    how long does it take to process a transfer? Is it 5 min? 15? 30?

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    Even at 15 minutes each, this is about 8 man-years of work. And that's just the new ones, not the used market. Most provinces probably have one person doing the work.
    When the government changes, someone needs to ask what exactly the process is and why it can't be done by a computer. Or why it has to be done at all.

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    Understaffed by design, the CFO can only do what they can with limited resources. Blame goes to the governments in charge who have little or no interest in fixing the issue. Making the purchase of restricted or prohibited firearms a pita likely sways some folks from bothering to do so.

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