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Was able to get my hands on a
Kriss Vector Gen II SBR Enhanced - 9mm, 6.5" (foldable stock)
CZ P10F 9mm
CZ Shadow 2 9mm
Walthers PDP 4.5" 9mm
Shadow System DR920 Elite 9mm

And can't believe the 3-6 month transfer times....
congrats on the shadow2 they are basically unicorns now. If all else failed I was going to suggest the iwi Jericho because they are based of the cz75 which is the shadow 1. The surplus one that my buddy got was so awesome I had to buy one right away after trying his [I knew I wanted one for months but had I not tried his I would've been happy to 'go without' because of the buying frenzy, but thankfully I found some at SFRC]