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    Keep it up man, you're doing great!

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    For me I just stopped substituting.

    I eat so few sweet-tasting things I don't even like it any more. I find the odd blue berries I put in my plain yogurt from time to time as mouth-zapping as lemons. Blackberries are a little easier for me to tolerate its hard to mix them in as the ones they sell here are long as my thumbs (I have short thumbs)

    Just easier for me to eliminate the sweet stuff altogether.

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    Another older account being used. Interesting.
    “Let Me Be Clear…!”

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    It appears AI even edited its own drivel!
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    I'm glad this got bumped.

    I failed at my last attempt with keto, but I didn't get in the proper headspace to do it.

    I'm going back on keto again. I started this past Monday when I saw that it did.

    I think I'll try to make it my summertime diet.

    It makes sense if you think about our ancestral development. Living in agrarian societies, our ancestors would have had entire seasons where they would have had a surplus of grains (carbs), and then seasons where they had none and had to subsist on animal proteins.

    I just had a terrible keto flu that felt like a massive migraine, but I took a 500mg salt pill and had my wife buy me an electrolyte powder with potassium, magnesium, and sodium and now I feel fantastic.
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    "keto flu" is more likely carb withdrawl

    Kicking any addiction can suck.

    Anyone who says it isn't sustainable is an addict, whether they know/admit it or not.

    The problem isn't that we didn't evolve without access to carbs - they've always been there. The problem is that we've made them the primary source of fuel and not the emergency fall back plan to sustain us until we found real food. Fast forward to today and the problem is compounded in several ways:
    1) essentially no carbs consumed today existed in their current state, anywhere in the world they are widely consumed, even 400 years ago. Not one.
    2) hyper processed foods
    3) hyper-palatable combinations of foods that never existed in nature are the most commonly available, cheapest foodstuffs for most people
    4) the medical industry makes vast fortunes lying to people about metabolic health issues and they proscribe harmful, unecessary, medications to people to allow them to continue doing the wrong thing

    Keto isn't hard. Slowly dying of T2D is hard, and 100% voluntary.
    pog mo thon

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    Fasting 18+ Hours a day is the hard part for me

    The only way me and the Old Lady were able to stay on KETO for so long is she spends every Sunday meal prepping for the week. I applaud her for doing that for us.

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