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    2022 Yorkville Exotic Car Show

    It was great to see the Yorkville Exotic Car Show back on Bloor Street after two years of Covid induced virtual shows. A key part of the experience is walking the red carpet on this premier shopping area to see exotic classic and modern cars in the steel. Reportedly over 100,000 people attend the show and the proceeds go to fighting Cancer.

    Rather than covering all the cars in the show, I will share some of my personal highlights, beginning with my favourite car of the show, the Jaguar XJ220. I have seen XJ220s before, including this exact one but I never get tired of them.

    I can say the same about the Porsche 918 and amazingly there were TWO on display

    Perhaps two 918s made up for the lack of a McLaren P1 but in terms of the holy trifecta of hypercars, there was a LaFerrari on display

    While the Laferrari is an incredible car, I would actually prefer this Brabus G-wagen

    Parked next to the G-wagen was this Lucid Air…my first time ever seeing a Lucid in person (I was familiar with the brand) and I have to say it is gorgeous! Way better looking than the Tesla P series in my opinion.

    In terms of electric cars, the Polestar wasn’t bad either

    In case you think I am only interested in ultra-exotics, I can tell you that another one of my show favourites was this 1967 BMW Izetta! I remember it from Depeche Mode’s Never Let Me Down Again music video lol

    I am not sure which Aston was in front of the Izetta but it was a beauty

    Among the modern Astons, this was my favourite

    And there were lots of Astons on display

    So many cool cars…Factory Five track car

    And check out this Scout III Rallye drop-top pick-up truck!

    For Miami Vice fans, a white Testarossa (and a red one too for purists)

    Sinister Ferrari 812 Superfast

    And an even more sinister 911 GT2RS

    Or if you prefer not to go incognito

    Audi RS6

    Quite a few lambos (I only captured a couple of them)

    AMG GT-R next to a McLaren 765LT and McLaren 570S

    Corvette C8-R, which even in bright yellow…

    looked subtle compared to this Corvette C8 Pandem Widebody

    1977 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit

    1979 Pontiac Trans Am

    2020 Ford Mustang Bullitt

    2018 Ford Mustang Venom

    Some of the incredible shops…Hermes


    And Royal De Versailles…I didn’t take pics inside but I can say that I saw quite a few that I liked from Breguet, Blancpain, and Franck Muller. I enjoy watches just as much as cars and it is great to be able to do both at the same event. I also have to say that service at Royal de Versailles is always great…no matter how you are dressed they are perfectly fine to let you try on $100,000 watches lol.

    As per tradition, I finished the day with Carole’s Cheesecake (they used to claim to be the best in the Universe lol)…sadly no apple taffee but they did have my second choice, Pistachio (my nephew had the Banana Chocolate Chip).

    That was enough as just before the show we had breakfast poutines at Prohibition Social House

    The Yorkville Exotic Car Show has been running since 2010 and if you have never attended, I strongly recommend you make it part of your Father’s Day plans next year. The red carpet feel, luxury shops, and exotic cars is a hard combination to beat.

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    Should’ve known this’d be a photobomb when I opened it…

    And the first thing an Izetta should give you flashbacks to is Steve Urkel and the Winslows.
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    Some nice cars there. None of them except the G-wagon or scout would be anygood for checking cows��.
    Thanks for posting RL1, your threads are always cool.

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    i'll take the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit over any of those cars

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    I liked the Polestar

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    I always appreciate your photo journalistic outings RL1.

    Well done and keep it up!

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    thanks all for the kind words

    Win the crowd and you win your freedom

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