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    POd With Streamlight

    I do like nice kit and thought I was buying some quality. Streamlight so far is disappointing, under a year and the ProTac USB Charge Ten Tap, no longer charges to a green light in under a year! Noticed around 8mo that it took almost 72hrs to go green, now Im 84hrs and still red.

    Im good with battery powered stuff, once low I leave on till nearly dead/dead and immediately charge. Even my headset Enduro from Streamlight, still charges but is not as bright as it was.

    So what are yall using that is proven quality, for USB changeable illumination kit?


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    Question, can the end open and does it contain an 18650 battery? If it does, maybe replace the battery and see if that solves the problem?

    I have an O-light Baton... charges via a magnetic USB cable on the base, but it opens up and has an 18650 battery that I can replace any time I want. No idea if the Baton is similar to your light or not though, might be an apples to oranges comparison.
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    The only USB chargeable light I have is an Olight on my keychain. See the first link. I've had it for about 3 years now. I bought Mrs BSD one as well. I doubt she's ever used hers, but I used mine a ton inspecting equipment. Nothing bad to say about them other than $30 is pretty steep for a little keychain light. I think I bought the first one on sale for something like $15 and Mrs BSD's for around $20.

    I'll never buy another headlamp that doesn't run on 18650 lithium batteries that I can change. For those, I own three Wowtac A2S (which is made by Thrunight). One of them actually said Thrunight on the warranty info. I broke the lens out of one of them, but the LED never stopped working. Anything that can survive 3 years of the mining industry on my hard hat gets two thumbs way up. The battery that came with it has a little USB charge port right on it, but I swapped out the batteries all the time and just used a 4 slot desk charger. The price has come down on them as well. I think they were damned near $80 when I bought them. If you use an 18650 cell that doesn't have a raised button top, you'll have to give the spring a little stretch to put more pressure on regular flat top ones. See the second link.
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    Curious if any usb one holds up, I'm using a streamlight single aa/aaa(can't remember) model, super handy
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    I don't know about handhelds, but I have a couple of Petzel Taktikka headlamps with the USB chargeable Li-ion battery (they call it their CORE battery). They can also take AAA batteries, but I've never had an issue with the CORE. Charging is quick, a full charge lasts 3 to 4 days of regular use, they're only 300 lumens, but that's all I need out of these little guys.

    I don't know who manufactures the like for them (Petzel isn't a flashlight company after all) but whomever they are, they made a nice, dependable product.

    I've had them for about 4 years and the batteries have never failed. And I have to think that the USB charging Li-ion battery is only better now.

    I've seen USB CR123A batteries. I'd like to try one out. I have a box full of CR123A batteries that I snagged from an estate sale a few years ago. I don't know what the shelf life is on those things, but I only have one device that uses them. I considered getting a Surefire Saint just so I can use more of them, but I don't need another headlamp just yet.
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    Lithium primary cells are supposed to have a shelf life of at least 10 years. That's what they put on the label, so they probably actually keep much longer.

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