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Thread: Howa Mini

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    Howa Mini

    I picked up a howa mini 223, 1 in 8" twist, 'heavy barrel'

    Initial thoughts: plastic bottom metal(?) needs to go, the magazine itself isn't heavy duty but seems fine, the magazine release that everyone says is an issue - doesn't seem all that obtrusive to me, bolt runs smooth but noisy(needs grease or a polish), the stock isn't the nicest but people complained that it is massive? - seems to fit the rifle fine to me

    I'm upgrading the bottom metal to a Jefferson outdoor cz bottom metal. I can share magazines with my cz527.
    I may also order the standard magazine bottom metal from them too, mambamag(mdt) is supposed to be coming out with a nicer magazine for the rifle.
    Might upgrade the stock to a B&C sporter style stock
    Talley rings are coming for the rifle, still not sure on the scope but I'm thinking leupold vx3hd 4.5-14
    Magpul's rls sling will likely be added
    Trying to keep things lightweight and handy

    Haven't shot it yet.
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    I have a .223 with 8" twist. It likes 68 and 75 grain bullets.

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