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    In Stock Powder

    All Prices are plus GST and Shipping if required.

    Hodgdon BL-C(2) 1lb Bottle $59.99/Each

    Hodgdon CFE 223 1lb Bottle $59.99/Each

    Hodgdon H50BMG 1lb Bottle $74.99/Each

    Hodgdon H50BMG 8lb Keg $549.99/Each

    Hodgdon LEVERevolution 1lb Bottle $69.99/Each

    Hodgdon Lil’ Gun 1lb Bottle $69.99/Each

    Hodgdon Titegroup 8lb Keg $349.99/Each

    IMR Powder 3031 $69.99/Each

    IMR Powder 4350 $69.99/Each

    Reloader 50 1lb Bottle $89.99/Each

    Winchester 296 1lb Bottle $59.99/Each

    Winchester WinClean 244 1lb Bottle $59.99/Each

    Hodgdon Pyrodex RS - Rifle/Shotgun Powder (1lb Bottle) $44.99/Each

    Hodgdon Pyrodex Select - Rifle/Shotgun Powder (1lb Bottle) $49.99/Each

    Hodgdon Triple Seven FFFG Granular Powder (1lb Bottle) $64.99/Each

    Hodgdon Triple Seven FFG Granular Powder (1lb Bottle) $54.99/Each
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